Why are IPods basically considered the industry standard MP3 player now? So many other MP3 players exist that are cheaper, store more songs, are smaller, or all of the above, yet somehow Apple has the world believing that if you don’t have an IPod, your missing out on something big.

Worse yet, last time I checked, if you by an IPod, in order to get anything on to it, you have to use ITunes, which is in my opinion, a horrible media player/organizer. Many of the other MP3 players on the market right now just show up as a drive on your computer, you copy your music or whatever else onto it, and thats it. No funny business, no stupid programs to load, no trendy overpriced MP3 player from a product line that for some reason has to begin with the letter “I”.

I think Steve Jobbs watched the episode of Sesame St that was brought to us by the letter I, and got fixated on it.

If anyone has a good response on what makes the IPod so great, I would like to hear it. What makes it so much better than all the other products out there, and worse yet, why is the IPod so trendy and cool, that despite the fact that they are horrible headphones, both in quality and design, if you own an IPod, you can’t go out and buy a set of good headphones?

Sadly enough, they just came out with a “better” set of headphones, that are more towards the studio earmuff style, and oddly enough, they cleverly named them “iMuffs”

I think I am going to go out and buy an iMac, load iTunes on it, get and iPod, then take some video of how stupid it all looks, import all the video into iMovie, burn it onto a DVD, and then watch it in iDVD.

Collect them all!

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