stupid spam email

A while back (2002 actually) I tried using’s classifieds system to sell my car. I got this response from this weird spam/identity theft thing, and I tried having a bit of fun with the person.

Today I was trying to clean up/organize some of my email and I came across the whole conversation, its mildly funny….

All of his messages are in block quotes.

I am an auto dealer in africa and is interested. I will
make the payment in CASHIER CHECK. If willing,
contact me

This message is in response to your 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo ad (Saugus, Massachusetts – $4,000.00):

Contact: adams musa
Phone: (432) 604-5321

Sure, I am interested did you have any questions or anything? would you
like me to call you? If your really interested in buying the car, how
would you like to go about everything?

– Thanks

Dear Mike,
Thanks for your mail. Please your full name and address for the check. After confirmation, my agent will come and pick it up.

Sure thing.
Mike Devlin
xx xxxxxx st
Saugus, MA 01906

any ideas when you might be coming by?

– Thanks

Dear Mike,

I was really going to prepare the check before an urgent proposal
came up, a friend of mine who is a minister in the government wants
to invest in this auto business.He said he has a money $32.5m
deposited with a finance and security company and needs your help
by providing account where the money will be paid into.

As a brother i guess you can assist in this regards without anybody
hearing about it.

I just talked with the security company and they said the consignment that contains the funds is aready in their branch office in Amsterdam (HOLLAND).Therefore I am pleading if you can make out your time to pick up this fund in Amsterdam? All the necessary arrangements have been made to facilitate this move as soon as possible. This money will be paid into your account in bits by bits to avoid any suspicion.

Also your telephone and fax lines for them to contact you. Please, note that this is not one of those SCAM letters spread over the world because nobody is paying anything to anybody rather we are even benefiting from it.


I dont see why that would affect you buying my fine piece of american
automotive engineering. With 32.5 million at your disposal, thats more
than enough for the mere $4,000 I am asking for the car.

i have the names of a number of highly reliable swiss banks you can use
if your looking for a place to hold money. They work quite well, and the
best thing is that you/nor I would need to go holland.

better yet, since you have my address, why not just mail me the money? I
dont see why I need to go to amsterdam to pick it up.

looking forward to hearing from you…
– Mike

Dear Mike,
This is the option from the security company in position of the funds but let me still talk with them if they can further move it to USA.
Meanwhile, let me have your tele and fax lines because they might love to talk with you for more details

Out of curiosity, why does this security company want to give me this
money? its not very often someone says “here’s 32 million dollars, thanks”

Mr MIke,
It is hard to believe but it is real. If you are conversant with african leaders, you will know what i am talking about. Please your tele and fax for them to contact you. You have the option to stop this transaction, if you are not comfortable with them Why dont you give them a trial.


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