route 3 surveillance continued

So all the cameras and “radar” stations along the highway might actually be just that.

First, off of

I found this:

3. What are the spools of colored tubing being installed in the ground for?
–The spools are the backbone of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) being installed as part of the Route 3 Project. These cables are fiber optic cables being installed to provide complete surveillance of the highway. They will also be linked to message boards on the highway, similar to the ones seen on Route 128.

Last week, while driving home from work (and to work the next day), I used my handy little GPS receiver and marked the locations of all the towers. It’s not like I had anything better to do while driving.

Here is a little map. Click on it to get the full size version:
Route 3 Cameras and Radar

I couldn’t zoom in any closer or the map would be massive.

I just find this interesting

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