Big brother is watching

For some reason over the last couple days I have started paying attention to the sides of the road on Route 3. And I noticed a strange object mounted on one of the telephone polls, so yesterday on the way home from work, I decided to really look around, and low behold, It seems like at a fairly evenly spaced interval there is what appears to be a radar gun, and what appears to be a 360 degree security camera going along the entire span of route 3 from I-95 to exit 1 in New Hampshire. I plan on using my GPS to make a map of where they all are, but the odd thing is that the radar guns arn’t on. My radar detector has not once gone off while passing one of them (I probably passed 20 of them) and they are also on both sides of the highway.

Look for yourself. Click on the image to see it blown up to full size.

The radar gun:
Radar gun on Rt 3

The Security Camera:
Security Camera on Rt 3

I am wondering if the state is planning a massive automated speed trap system. If so, that would
suck monsterous monkey balls.

Or….maybe I am just paranoid

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