The point behind rebates. And why I hate

I have been hearing a lot of commercials and seeing many ads for the website called

They claim to be a buch better way of managing your money than all the other financial packages out there like Microsoft Money and Quicken, so me, still trying to get a better hold on why I suck so bad, figured I would give it a try.

So I go to their website, and the first thing you see is “Try Mvelopes Personal FREE” then lower on the page, also in big letters it says “30 day FREE trial. Absolutely no obligation”

now you all know how this is going to end up, but let me tell you my point first. I think the whole way the website is constructed and worded is very deceptive, and their whole business model counts on their “valued customers” laziness.

To me, absolutely no obligation means that after the 30 days, if you want to continue using their product, you have to pay, but in reality, their whole plan works the same ways as rebates do.

Does anyone really think all those rebates Best Buy and CompUSA give out are because they are nice? no…its an advertising trick. Lets say they sell a product with a mail in rebate to 50 people. I bet 30-40 of those people never get around to mailing it in, so what the end up doing is getting you to buy a product under the impressive your getting a good deal, but in the end they are really making a killing off of your own laziness.

And this is the same way works as well. Sure you get 30 days for free, but….if you don’t call before the 30th day, you automatically get billed for it, so me…being lazy, and not having time to wait on hold for 20 minutes while I should be working, never got a chance to call, and then I noticed the charge on my bank statement 2 days after they charge me, so I immediately call them.

Now keep in mind I havn’t touched their horrible web site since like the 2nd day of my free trial because it was junk. it looked like a 6th grader used the site as his “my first web page” project, and to top it off, despite all their pretty little comparison charts about how much better is to and Quicken, their product SUCKED. It didn’t even hold a candle. All their claims about how they manage your budget better and such were pure junk….maybe even a pile of feces. After using the product for 2 days, I immediatly went back to Microsoft Money instead. Money isn’t exactly perfect, but at least it is basically a full featured package.’s whole plan is to basically give you basic access to your account data, but sort all your income/expenses into a series of “envelopes” they even show them as pretty little envelopes, and each envelope is a differant income/expense category.

Saving for aruba? start a new envelope! its basically managing finances for 2 year olds. Worse yet, they claim nothing else out there can “tell you how much money you have left to use. Instead they just tell you how much you spent” Every couple days I open up money, and I can see exactly how much money I wasted, and exactly how many pennies I have left. Its all a bunch of lies.

So I called and tried getting my money back, and the customer support rep, along with his superviser (his name was Tyler) actually laughed at me when I told them my reasoning on how the website is deceptive.

So… if you are looking for ways to manage your money. Don’t use, mostly because their product sucks, but also because they could care less about their customers. I called them 2 days after my “subscription” started, and the superviser gave me this bullshit argument about how if he refunded me my money, the company would lose money that they put into my accounts setup and continued operation. Those fuck heads. I hope Tyler gets ass raped when he goes to his car today.

If you want any more proof their product sucks, ironically enough I just lost $120 on a product whos sole purpose was to help me manage/save money.

take that to the bank……ohhhhhhhhhhh

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