police state

So before work today, I had to bring my dog for his monthly percoten-v shot, which means I got to pay $3 for the luxury of going over the fabulous tobin bridge.

When I get to the toll booth, a statey pulls in behind me. Now, due to my “somewhat tarnished” driving record, when a cop car pulls up behind me, I instantly panic.

No matter what, where or when it happens, I see a cop, and I instantly have to do a quick inventory in my head. The same questions always run through my mind.
a) is there anything that shouldn’t be in the car? (weapons, alcohol, tied up children…etc)
b) does the car have anything wrong with it (broken lights, expired sticker…etc)
c) is your seat belt on?
d) are you acting weird, or where you driving too fast?

now this is where the cache-22 comes in. Now I know a cop is behind me, so now your stuck over compensating and end up probably acting more guilty just because you too busy trying to seem as legal and innocent as possible.

and that is the problem all together. How does it get to the point where I almost have a stroke if a cop pulls up behind me? I feel like a rape victim, all vulnerable and scared.

So now this cop though, he did was most cops I see do. A little thing called abusing your power. This guy slams on the gas after the toll booth, and rode my ass like a black guy in prison. He did that the entire ride up until I almost hit the waste-of-my-money tunnel, then he switches lanes when he finds an opening, and speeds off…way over the speed limit. Who watches those assholes? who pulls them over? What kind of message does that send? its okay to speed as long as I am a fat ass shit head with a over inflated ego and a superiority complex?

I am wondering when I will meet a “good cop”. If anyone knows of one, tell me

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