the real estate exam

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I decided I want to try selling real estate part time.

I signed up and took the class, finished it, then had to make up a class because the teacher was a tool.

This brings me to my big rant of the day. It seems more often than not teachers have little interest in their job. They are not passionate about it, and because of that they essentially fail as teachers. I am not saying all teachers suck, in fact during the class I made up, the teacher for that one I thought did an excellant job.

So in this real estate class example, I paid $180 to take a mandatory real estate course. You need to take the course to take the exam, and the course is supposed to teach you everything you need to know in order to pass. Now, part of that $180 fee is the cost of the book they give you. The teacher that taught the class was depending mostly on you going home and reading/learning on your own.

Does that seem to make much sense? If I wanted to just read the whole thing at my house, why take the class? The teacher droned on for house each twice a week just rattling off vocabulary words verbatim from the book.

That is not teaching. Why take the job of being a teacher if you don’t actually want to do it? On top of that, he cared so little about the course, that he didn’t even bother to read the syllabus that everyone got at the beginning of the class. It clearly said that if Salem State cancels its classes due to inclement weather, so do they.

So one day it snows, Salem State cancels class, and I don’t go to this class. About half the class did, the half that did where the teacher, and a bunch of foreigners that hadnt read the syllabus. In fact, they were the ones that thought that “6-10″ meant that the class started at 6:10 instead of what it really means, that the class runs from 6 to 10.

You need to attend each class to get the certificate to take the test, so I had to make up the one I “missed”. Since it was the 6th out of 7 classes, I had to make up the 6th class of the next course when it started 2 weeks later.

Now this is where this guys lack of teaching skills and irresponsibility came into full affect. I wanted to take the test as soon as I possibily could. This way all the useless crap they make you learn is fresh in my brain. So now, I can’t take the test until I make up the class. The next course starts 2 weeks after mine finished, and then the class I had to make up was 3 weeks after that (2 classes a week). The almost 5 weeks go by, I go to make up the class, and some other dude was running the show this time. I actually learned stuff in that class because he actually cared about his job. The next day I get my stupid certificate, and I call the testing center to schedule an appointment to take the test, which I wanted to take on the coming saturday (it was wednesday). They had no openings until 2 weeks later, on a wednesday. So now, I am up to being forced to wait a total of 7 weeks to take the test.

So for the next 2 weeks off and on I study parts of the book, and then 2 days before the test date I study like crazy. I get all stressed out because I feel like I forgot so much, and then go to take the test.

Now as for the test, its a total of 120 questions.
80 are “general questions”
40 are “state specific questions”

Each section is graded seperately, so if you fail one, you only have to retake one section.

I made the mistake of dedicating the majority of my time to studying the general section, since it covers a vastly larger amount of information, when I really should have problem split up my time better, especially since the shithead that taught the course I took barely covered the state specific stuff.

You get 4 hours to take the test, its all computerized, and I finished maybe 2 hourse in. I pass the general section without much of a problem, and then fail the state section by ONE QUESTION.

Thats right….just one.

Now I get to takethat shitfest again. At least its only 40 question and should be a lot easier to remember now.

What really sucks is that obviously after I pass it, its going to take some time to find a broker I want to work for (and wants me to work for them)..get situated, trained, and maybe actually sell something. I was really counting on getting this started because I could really use the extra money.

Sure I could have studied more, but I still think I would have been in a better position of the “teacher” running the course actually liked his job, instead he bitched about politics and other things that were completely irrelevant to the course.

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