Crazy Spanish Fella

Today I was on an errand for work, and was at the light next to Bunker Hill Community College waiting to get onto 93 South. There is one car in front of me, it was your typical “spanish car”…being a Honda with dark tinted windows. There is another car next to that one (diagonally in front of me). All of a sudden, the spanish kid in front of me puts his car in park, gets out, opens up the trunk, and pulls out an old aluminum softball bat (it was one of the bats that was extra wide). He then turns to the car next to him and starts threatening the guy with it. The guy in the other car just sits there smoking a cigarette as I wait for some big event to unfold in front of me.

But no….spanish kid instead tries acting all cool and tough, and walks back to his drivers side door, looking at the other kid the whole time, throws the bat in the car, and then gets in. He then realizes that he left his keys in the trunk, and the trunk wide open, so he tries pulling off still looking tough and cool as he gets back out to get his keys and to shut the trunk.

meanwhile I just laugh.

How friggin anti-climactic

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