The new car

So I have been really trying to finally budget my finances. I think part of it is because I am stubborn, and since I moved out of my parents house, I can do what I want, and now I can budget because I want to, instead of because I was being told to. But thats a side note.

I decided my Lincoln LS was a horribly bad decision to have purchased, and on top of that, it was starting to get old. Yes, I know its only a 2000, but when its a “fake american car” and every time I need to fix something……from suspension parts to headlights….the only place that even knows what I am talking about is the dealership, at which point they happily bend me over and proceed to rape me.

Also, the parts are more expensive than they should be. Part of the reason why I like american cars is because the parts are supposed to be dirt cheap, but this one, being 1) a lincoln, and 2) partially made by jaguar, makes the everything way more expensive than it should be. The bastards claim I am supposed to only put 91+ octane gas in the car. And on top of that, although it had the smallest V8 engine in the world on it (3.9L I believe), the car wasnt the best on gas. I think on average I would get 17mpg on the highway, and probably like 10 city.

So…. I traded the car in before it was too late, and got a 2005 grand am. It was a demo car with about 2,000 miles on it, and with all the “rebates” and shit, it was about $4,000 under retail. So I decided to do it.

This is where typical “Mike Luck” comes into full swing

For starters, I got the car from the GM Dealer on Rt-114 in Danvers. I believe it is called David Farraez Chevrolet. So , we start the whole fun bargaining process. They gave me about $7,000 for my car, and where going to roll the remainder of my car loan on the lincoln onto the new cars loan. (I owed a total of $13,000). I told the dealer that I wanted to finance it, put no money down, trade in my car, and that I wanted the financing to be equal to, or better than, my current financing deal on my car, which was 7.9%, and like $430 a month (I was paying $470 a month though). After he did the whole, i gotta go talk to people back and forth bit..he comes back after a couple tries with a reasonable deal, which was that it would be 8.7% for 72 months, for like $469/month. So I think what the hell, I will just refinance the car in 6 months to a year and get like 6% instead, and I start signing papers.

Then its time to go talk to the finance officer dude. This guy got all pissy with me because I wouldn’t but the gap insurance or the stupid extended warranty, and didn’t want to try bargaining anymore, so I just went with it. He prints out all the crap, is ready to hand the keys over, then remembers that I am registering the car in NH, and then its starts raining fire and brimstone.

They are only “hooked up” to the MA RMV, so I can’t take the car home until I go to NH and get temporary plates, because its also against the dealerships policy to let me leave with the title.

Of course Nashuas town hall is closed on saturday, so monday morning I head over there, and the lady says that since I dont have the title, I have to go to the RMV in Manchester instead, so I head up there. I get my snazzy temporary plate (a piece of cardboard) and drive back down to Danvers. I get there, and the finance guy is like Mike…..I have been trying to reach you all morning! (he called my house once). So he tells me that they couldn’t get me the financing rates i SIGNED on friday. Apparantly they neglected to tell me that on fridays and saturdays, they can’t talk directly to the banks, so they can only get preliminary numbers that are subject to change.

So then he tells me “the best the bank will give us”, because apparantly he is buying the car with me, is 12% interest, and like $490/month.

So I say wait a minute. I told you I was trading in the car to put myself in a better financial position. Why would I go from paying 7.9% interest, for $430 a month, to paying 12% interest at $490 a month? he tries throwing so crap out that its pennies a day and some other bullshit. So I start getting a little agitated, and try explaining to him that I would end up paying like $40,000 for a car that lists for $25,000, and that makes no sense at all, so he says “what if I try and knock a point off?” wait a second. First, you just said that was the best you could do for “us”. Second, how is 10.9% anywhere near 7.9%? I tell him there is no way I could go for that….blah blah blah..

he then says umm….hold on a second, I’ll be right back. He leaves his own office, goes and jerks off in the mens room or something, and then comes back in and says what about 9% at $416 a month? thats the absolute best I can do?

what the hell? mother fucker! he was just fucking with me for the fun of it or something. Their math doesn’t even make sense. So I say fine, and he retypes all the paperwork and then I figure its all set….but wait…..there’s more!

then the moron Finance guy says he needs me to get an insurance binder from my insurance company. Isn’t that his job?

So I call my insurance company, which is Giganti Insurance in Everett, and tell them the deal, they then tell me….whoa…wait a second….NH? we didn’t know anything about that! you can’t have a NH policy from us! They must have never noticed that all the bills and mail they send me say “Nashua, NH” on them.

So at this point my options are register the car at my parents house, which seems illegal to me, and then waste more money to transfer it up to NH later on, or find a new insurance company in NH damn quick.

Then the Geico commerical comes to mind. I could save like 20% on my car insurance! what a load of crap that is.

I call their 800 number, and they are more than happy to instantly setup my insurance policy. They then put me on hold, look up my MA, and NH driving record, come back and say I have a lot of stuff on there.

Oh really? I didn’t know about my extensive driving record that I have been paying dearly for since like 1997.

So she says that putting all that into consideration, my policy would cost a low low price of $3,497 a year, and I only had to make an initial down payment of $800.

wait a second, but what about the commercials! I could save a bundle right? At this point, I am hours late for work, and I just want to leave this dealership, so I say fine, I figure I can work it out later. So I give them the dealerships fax number, and they say they will fax the insurance binder over in 5-10 minutes.

a half hour goes by, and nothing is coming out of the fax machine

so I call back, I get some other lady, she says they might be having problems with their “Fax Gateway” and will try it again, and I should get it in 5-10 minutes

another half hour goes by.

I call back and tell them I have been at this dealership all day waiting, and I need the damn binder so I can leave. This new lady says that the “Fax Gateway” is running an hour behind, and she will have to type the binder up manually an fax it over herself.

Okay great, I don’t really care what you do, just fax it over, so she goes and does her thing, and I finally get the binder.

So now I can FINALLY leave with my new car. But, because of the dealerships policy of not letting me leave with the title, when I go to Nashua town hall to get my real plates and register the car, I need to call the salesman I bought the car from, and he has to drive up to Nashua with the title and such to meet me.

Those cocksuckers! oh well, its his time wasted, not mine. So he drives up wednesday morning and meets me in Nashua at the 7-11, and follows me to the town hall. stands there, and watches me do my thing, then leaves.

They really couldn’t have had just a tiny bit of trust, and let me bring the title up there myself? I dont get to keep anything anyway, because Nashua just mails the real title to the bank I got my loan from. And on top of that, the dealership knows where I live….my social security number, my employer…etc

They could find me in a second.

Then the salesperson tells me I should be getting a survey in the mail soon, and to make sure I rate their service as excellant, because it is real important to them. Yeah…how about fuck you? The salesperson was nice, he did his job, he was stuck with me all day (I left the dealership at 4pm. I got there at like 12) and he had to drive up to Nashua. I’ll give him credit, but fuck his dealership.

Anyway, here is a picture of the car. Also, remember the little accident I was in on the way to work in the tunnel in Boston a couple weeks ago? after the deductable I got a $900 check, which I decided to not give to the dealership when I traded in the car, screw them.

So the next day, I call my old insurance company, and ask how much the policy on the new car would have cost if I stayed in Massachusetts. She tells me it would have been $2,100. Geico was charging me like $1400 more! so I call Geico, and yell at the lady for a half hour trying to get her to explain how they arrive at their rates. The best she could tell me is that they “feed my driving record into the computer, and the computer gives them a rate” so I hang up, look for a local insurance company in Nashua, call them and setup a policy. I guess they go through Progressive insurance, and they ended up being about $2,050 a year, AND I have more coverage on my policy

So whats the moral of the story?

1) Geico sucks, they are a bunch of liars, and their rates suck
2) Apparantly all car dealerships suck
3) I realized yet again why I hate buying cars
4) I still like to complain a real lot

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