2 tons of muscle, pride, and accomplishment…or failure

I have been tossing back and forth in my head the idea of selling my truck the past couple months. Its a really tough decision in my mind, and I am not quite sure what I should actually do.

I can’t help but think of the episode of Home Improvement (yes I used to watch that show all the time) where Tim and the oldest son…the one with the mullet had finally finished the roadster they had spent years working on, and Tim made the mistake of selling it to Jay Leno. If you never saw that episode, the you wont understand what i am talking about.

In any event, this is my thinking:

Why sell it?
1) I am really trying to finally put myself in a better financial position in my life. I am real sick of oweing the Devlin Mafia money, and this could potentially help pay a decent sized chunk
2) I never have time to work on it anymore. Forget about the fact that it is cold and/or raining all the time, lately I havent even had time to watch TV.
3) Every time I see the truck I get stressed out at the fact I cant work on it
4) I have no garage….hence my working conditions suck

Why not sell it?
1) I have put a good 4 years hundreds if not thousands of hours into that truck.
2) Finishing the truck represents a huge accomplishment in my life.
3) Not finishing it represents a huge failure. It would prove many people right that I have tried very hard over the past 6 years or so to prove wrong about many things. It would be yet another thing that I started and never finished.
4) Money. I will never get back what I put into that truck. I didn’t keep track of how much I spent on it because in the end I knew I really wouldn’t want to know, but it is at least $15,000, maybe even $20,000.

What that number means represents the massive battle I have had…well made myself fight against my family and most of the world. What you think of that money invested in the truck directly reflects on what type of person you are, and how differant most likely we are from each other. Very few understand.

I decided to make a little pictoral story of the truck. If I decide to sell it, it might help me get somewhat of a better selling price, but at the very least maybe it will help some understand why people work get into projects like this.

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