the evil that lies within

I decided officially today that Massachusetts is full of assholes. I’ll admit it, I am one of them, but apparently it starts to slowly go away once you move.

Today I went to the RMV in New Hampshire to finally get my NH drivers license. The way things work in New Hampshire is that many things, like getting a new title, new car registration, transferring plates…etc are all done in the City Hall of the City you live in, so basically all you go to the RMV for is to get your drivers license. With the exception of the main RMV in Concord, all the other ones almost look like the little mall “mini-rmv’s” that Massachusetts has in some places.

Anyway, I head over to the RMV in Merrimack, and as my luck would have it, almost all the people that should have been working their were either sick or on vacation, and this one poor lady was stuck running the whole show.

Now before I get into it, I am a seasoned RMV goer. I have been to way more RMVs in Massachusetts than anyone ever should, and I have been there way too often. Every time I go, the person behind the counter is some miserable person that gives you attitude no matter what you are asking or how nice you are. There has been at least 3 times that I have gone into the Melrose RMV at like 8:30am, minutes after they opened for the day, and got attitude from the people behind the counter, and that is at the VERY BEGINNING of their day.

Also, Massachusetts has its shit together as far as running an RMV goes. They have that crazy automated ticketing system to handle your placement in line, and they have like 4-8 people working at once to get you in and out of the place in like 10 minutes.

Now back to Merrimack..

So this one lady is stuck working by herself all day, and the line was going out the door. Yet every once in a while, she would get up from her desk and tell everyone she apologizes for the wait, but she is the only one working today and Concord wouldn’t send anyone else down to help out, so if everyone could bear with her…blah blah blah…She would try to get to people as fast as she could.

Also, this lady was nice and courteous to each person that came to her counter, and what was even more odd, was that everyone that she helped was the same way. I felt like I was in some alternate universe. Everything from everyone was all please and thank you’s.

If that situation happened anywhere in Massachusetts, the person stuck working would have pulled the old Postal Worker routine and pulled out an Uzi or something and would have opened fire.

When my turn finally came, I said to the lady “you know, even though your stuck working by yourself today, and this place is packed, your still about 40 times nicer than the RMV’s in Massachusetts”

Since when do I talk to people? ahhhhh.

Oh, and get this, you know how in Massachusetts when you get your license, even if you go in to renew your old one, they give your one of those temporary learners permit style paper licenses? And they mail you your real credit card style license in the mail in a couple weeks?

New Hampshire prints the fucker out on the spot and hands it to you 2 minutes later.

The moral of the story is that I think Massachusetts is an septic tank that emits fumes of evil.



I bet Ted Kennedy has something to do with it.

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