Winds of change

I think part of the fun of writing entries in my blog is coming up with titles. Anyone know where I stole this one from?

For the past 5 years or so, I have thought an aweful lot about why people do the things they do, how the progression of life and growing up works, and overall how people reach whatever destination (or destiny) is in store for them.

For instance, whether everyone believes it or not, virtually everyone is walking down the same worn down beaten path.
You go to school (k-12)
You graduate
You start life in a trade or
You go to college
You graduate college
you “join the real world” and start looking for the lifelong job
you save money
you buy a house
you get married
you have kids
you save for retirement
you turn 60
you retire
you move to florida and die.

This has never sat well with me. Why is it that most people look down upon the guy that started a trade? maybe a plumber or an electrician. Why does everyone have to go to college? why is it that everyone has to “pick their fate” and keep walking down that path?

Back in the day I used to watch Mad about You, mostly during school vacations and such. One of the charactors in the show, he was the neighbor or something, ditched his wife and took off, then like a year later, Paul Reiser runs into him in a diner in some other state. The dude was a bus boy. I guess he decided after he took off from his wife he would just “live life” and would go from town to town, state to state, doing whatever odd job he could find, not because he needed the money, but because he felt like it. For some reason that always stuck with me.

Why does this matter? I think it really stuck with me because at that point in his life, he finally broke free, he walked off the path and decided to make his own trail up the moutain of life. To me that seems like the best thing ever. He decided to give the finger to the world and their rules, and just did his own thing.

I think I have been fighting my own mini-battle against the world for that same cause. If 36 years from now I am doing anything remotely similar to my current job, I am going to kill myself, and demand my body be creamated and used in the rubber at a Nike factory. Who wants to have the same job, or even the same type of job for their whole life? is that even living? why is it that at 18, 21, 24 or any other age, your supposed to pick your fate out of book and put your hiking boots on and trudge up that same trail as the dude in front of you?

Now that after so many years the fog is starting to finally become a little less dense, I can start to see the new trail I want to blaze, but I cant help but feel like people keep handing me maps, and each map is secretly disguised to point me back towards that same damn trail everyone else is on.

What is obvious is that the uncertainty needs to go, throw away those maps, and I need to just stick to my instincts and do as I originally set out to do, and thats to blaze my own trail.

so its time to start packing my backpack, and set fire to the old trail

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