Heavy trash day

Does anyone remember heavy trash day?

Saugus used to have it once every year in the fall, basically it was a free for all, and you could throw out anything you wanted, regardless of the size, and the big thing at least with my weirdo friends at the time, was to go scouring the neighborhoods on our bikes looking for “cool stuff” magazines, hockey sticks, baseball bats, anything at all that looked interesting. It was like a flea market, only we were picking through peoples trash instead. Looking back, that is whole yearly event was really gross, but at the time, it was almost as fun as christmas.

Every once in a while you would come across the ultimate find….some guy would through out his collection of playboys/penthouse. It was like you won the lottery.

I’ll tell ya, damn kids these days, they have no appreciation for how lucky they are. Back in MY day we had to hunt for that stuff through the woods, now they just have to log onto their computer when their parents arnt home.

greedy bastards

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