Monthly Archives: February 2005

The Anonymous Boy Wonder

I havn’t had much to write about lately, but, just when I though the well had dried up, The Anonymous Boy Wonder steps into existence.

Who is he you ask? read his comment he left on a previous post of mine

I was thinking about it, and although I am not much better for writing a post on my blog at 12:30 or so in the morning, the mysterious boy wonder over here is worse. He is spending the wee hours of his lonely night pleasuring himself while going from random blog to random blog. He really enjoys that “next blog” button on the top of all the blogspot blogs. For example, before he went to mine, he made a stop at I guess he didn’t have anything to say to brian, or maybe he just finds me more attractive, because brian was left used and without even as much as a thank you or goodbye. Just like a cheap chinese whore.

So now I am going to play a fun new game called “who is the mysterious boy wonder”

Today everyone gets to know he is coming to us from the scenic Richmond, Michigan area. He most likely has eye problems, because he enjoys complaining on peoples blogs at a shitty low resolution of 1024×768, that means his hand/eye coordination is most likely horrible because at that resolution the icons on his desktop are monsterous. He needs them that big so when he paws at the keyboard and mouse like a monkey, he can still move around.

Maybe tomorrow we will know a little more about the Boy Wonder from Richmond.

Heavy trash day

Does anyone remember heavy trash day?

Saugus used to have it once every year in the fall, basically it was a free for all, and you could throw out anything you wanted, regardless of the size, and the big thing at least with my weirdo friends at the time, was to go scouring the neighborhoods on our bikes looking for “cool stuff” magazines, hockey sticks, baseball bats, anything at all that looked interesting. It was like a flea market, only we were picking through peoples trash instead. Looking back, that is whole yearly event was really gross, but at the time, it was almost as fun as christmas.

Every once in a while you would come across the ultimate find….some guy would through out his collection of playboys/penthouse. It was like you won the lottery.

I’ll tell ya, damn kids these days, they have no appreciation for how lucky they are. Back in MY day we had to hunt for that stuff through the woods, now they just have to log onto their computer when their parents arnt home.

greedy bastards