walls of fire

to start off with, I am going to bed way too late, in fact, instead of sleeping, its 3:20 and I felt like writing this down. I just finished doing laundry…how do you like that? and I had to friggin fold 2 loads of laundry that doesnt even belong to me. It’s those damn freeloaders I live with.

I am rebelling by running the dryer this late at night. According to my mother it will catch on fire during the night and we will all burn to death, lets use tonight as yet another test.

Also, If I don’t get rid of this damn cough soon, I am going to start making my own remedies, which might result in the same thing as what happens if you run the dryer at night.

Now for the real post.

In case you didn’t know, we all live in a universe engulfed in a wall of fire. That’s right….a wall of fire.

Every 3,456 days I decide to read a book, but, I am not a big fan of fiction, so instead I usually read science/history related books. This time its this book called “Alpha & Omega: The search for the beginning and end of the universe”

needless to say I am not that far into it, mostly because I read like a page or two a night, but, supposedly, (to make a long story short) the big bang happened, or is still happening, and basically, the explosion that created the universe is still expanding…everything is flying outward from the center of the universe, and in front of it all is a wall of fire that has been slowly cooling down for 14 billion years. Its kind of fucked up if you think about it. Everything the book talks about is fucked up actually. I think I decided that everything I learned in school is a load of crap. But that will be yet another post, since apparantly I decided to just ramble on and on like I am right now, but…..before I go to bed….read this and think about it:

“Unfortunately, the combined nature of space and time make it rather confusing when describing something that happened very long ago or very far away. Recombination (part of the big bang) happened a little less than 14 billion years ago, so in a sense, it happened a long time in the past. But we are just getting the light waves from the era that have taken 14 billion years to get here, so in another sense it is a very real event that is happening right now, but very far away. When we look at objects very far away, we are looking backward in time.”

Now thats a real thinker…..

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