Voulez Vous Couchet Avec Moi, Ce Soir

On pretty much a whim, it was decided on friday that we would spend the long weekend in Montreal. I went there once before a couple years ago, and it was a great time, so this time should be even better. We left friday night, and John volunteered to drive, which was great, because I really didn’t want to, so John, Janelle, Aimee, and I all hopped into the new Scion and sped away

I think we made it there at like maybe 12am? anyway, we stayed at the Econo-Lodge, because it had the cheapest rates around, and it was cheap for a reason.

The Room was decent, but the burn holes in the comforter was kind of gross, and the maids basically didnt exist, they managed to clean our room once. But that didn’t really matter because we were having tons of fun anyway. Pretty much friday night we just went to bed, woke up at like 11am on Saturday, and headed out on a cold filled day of fun. I think it was around 10 degrees the entire time we were there, and we did a whole lot of walking.

Saturday we spent a bunch of time in the big mall there, because it was freezing out. For some reason everything in montreal is 70% off, I don’t understand why, but pretty much everywhere was having the same sale. I bought a spiffy new jacket. Then later on we ate dinner at the hard Rock Cafe, then went back to the hotel to gear up for the night, and headed on over to a strip club called “Super Sex” it was a fun time, and they had this deal with if you got a bucket of beers (i think it was 6 beers) you got a coupon for a free lap dance.

Apparantly strippers don’t like coupons. John used it and I swear the stripper wanted to kill one of us, meanwhile, I was trying to get Aimee to stop laughing about the whole scene. It was an interesting time. Then we were going to go to this club that John and Janelle had gone to the last time they came up called “Dome” but the line outside looked extra sketchy. For one, there was a car parked next to the line with 2 people in it with a mugshot of a black guy up on their laptop screen, and they were looking through the crowd to see if he was there, then, a growing group of french speaking assholes kept eying us weird, and then to top it off, 3 or 4 black kids cut in front of us, and pretending not to care about it, so before a huge fight broke out, we left to find a better club. We ended up going to this odd looking industrial place. It had all kinds of fake pipes and exhaust fans all over the place, and had a pub type of deal on one side, and a dance club on the other. They also had a fog machine going too, so everything looked real hazy. Aside from me coughing incessantly the entire time there, it was actually a pretty fun place. Aimee and I tried dancing, and John and Janelle went off on their own for a bit, while Aimee and I got attacked by weird french people. I was going to die from all the smoke, so Aimee and I decided to head back to the hotel, and John and Janelle stayed for like another 2 hours. Then I coughed and snored my way through the night….being sick sucks. Sunday came around and John surpised Janelle with some money he saved up for her to get a new tattoo, and then Aimee decided to get one as well, so we went to the place Janelle got hers done at before, and they both got differant kinds of hearts.

Then we went to the peel pub and drank more, and ate a bunch of cheap wings. Aimee found a new drink she likes, so now she is up to Sex on the Beach, and Escastcy. We left there, hung around for a while, then ended up getting dinner at some Mexican place called “3 Amigos” where we all ate a bunch, and then drank a whole bunch more.

I just couldnt get drunk though.

Then we headed back to the hotel, bought some more acohol, and partied it up. I got a 40 of Wildcat 10%, which did nothing at all for me, and Aimee got drunk enough to call her father and tell him she got a tattoo. He threatened to kill her, then blamed part of it on me and wanted to talk to me. It was real fun….hahaha

Then monday came around, we ate at some pizza place….more pizza than you could ever imagine, and headed home.

John was real happy with the fact that Aimee and I fell asleep for most of the ride yet again… I don’t think he will ever drive again.

I was going to put tons of pictures in this, but instead its much easier to just leave the link to the whole photo album…..

So click here to see all the pictures

  1. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir — it’s an R not a T.

    Where are the pics? I hope you took plenty while you were at Supersex. That place is great! The things I saw there, I will not soon forget.

  2. damnit! I was back posting all the blog entries I lost when my server crashed a couple months ago. That post is actually from January…Although I should have more pictures. None from inside supersex though 🙁

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