Just ring it up damnit!

For some reason, the pissier the mood I am in, the more I feel like writing, so looks like the posts are coming back…. woohoo.

So last night I started coming down with something. I got home at 11:00 and almost passed out immediately. I slept for 9 hours, which is unheard of for me. Anyway, basically I had a monster of a sore through, it felt like I got run over by a truck, and I could feel a cough coming on, so I decided in the morning, I would attack this thing full bore.

Between my crazy vitamins, a constant supply of orange juice, and some medication. I figure I can kill this thing in record time.

So I go into walgreens. I can barely talk, because my throat disagreed with the whole being useful idea, and I pick up some items:
1) a 10 pack of those little minature kleenex packs
2) Delsym Cough Syrup
3) Alka-Seltzer Nose & Throat & Cold medicine
4) Halls Plus Cough Drops
5) Ludens Sore Throat drops
6) Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Now first, as for the magazine, I am supposed to have a subscription for it, but I have yet to receive my first issue, so I bought it. In any event, I get to the register, and the weird dude working the register says:

Dude: And how are you doing today?
Me: I could be better (what I felt like saying was look at the pile of shit I just bought? chances are I am not in the mood to talk)
Dude: (looking at magazine) Imagine looking like one of these guys? (then does a mock flex with his arms)
Me: yeah, it must be weird
Dude: I don’t think I would want to look that big, maybe just a little toned
Me: yeah, I know what you mean

I just want to leave!!!!!!!!!

Whenever I get any weightlifting/fitness related magazines, either from walgreens or Barnes & Noble, they have to make comments about them. Why not just ring it up and let me leave? I’ll tell you what, the first time I come to the counter and say to the cashier, hey, how are you doing? how do you like working here? it must be fun. and carry on a conversation, then they can comment on what I buy.

yes I am cranky

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