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Calvin Coolidge

Apparantly Calvin Coolidge was a smart guy:
“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Think about that while your lounging around this weekend

walls of fire

to start off with, I am going to bed way too late, in fact, instead of sleeping, its 3:20 and I felt like writing this down. I just finished doing laundry…how do you like that? and I had to friggin fold 2 loads of laundry that doesnt even belong to me. It’s those damn freeloaders I live with.

I am rebelling by running the dryer this late at night. According to my mother it will catch on fire during the night and we will all burn to death, lets use tonight as yet another test.

Also, If I don’t get rid of this damn cough soon, I am going to start making my own remedies, which might result in the same thing as what happens if you run the dryer at night.

Now for the real post.

In case you didn’t know, we all live in a universe engulfed in a wall of fire. That’s right….a wall of fire.

Every 3,456 days I decide to read a book, but, I am not a big fan of fiction, so instead I usually read science/history related books. This time its this book called “Alpha & Omega: The search for the beginning and end of the universe”

needless to say I am not that far into it, mostly because I read like a page or two a night, but, supposedly, (to make a long story short) the big bang happened, or is still happening, and basically, the explosion that created the universe is still expanding…everything is flying outward from the center of the universe, and in front of it all is a wall of fire that has been slowly cooling down for 14 billion years. Its kind of fucked up if you think about it. Everything the book talks about is fucked up actually. I think I decided that everything I learned in school is a load of crap. But that will be yet another post, since apparantly I decided to just ramble on and on like I am right now, but…..before I go to bed….read this and think about it:

“Unfortunately, the combined nature of space and time make it rather confusing when describing something that happened very long ago or very far away. Recombination (part of the big bang) happened a little less than 14 billion years ago, so in a sense, it happened a long time in the past. But we are just getting the light waves from the era that have taken 14 billion years to get here, so in another sense it is a very real event that is happening right now, but very far away. When we look at objects very far away, we are looking backward in time.”

Now thats a real thinker…..

Voulez Vous Couchet Avec Moi, Ce Soir

On pretty much a whim, it was decided on friday that we would spend the long weekend in Montreal. I went there once before a couple years ago, and it was a great time, so this time should be even better. We left friday night, and John volunteered to drive, which was great, because I really didn’t want to, so John, Janelle, Aimee, and I all hopped into the new Scion and sped away

I think we made it there at like maybe 12am? anyway, we stayed at the Econo-Lodge, because it had the cheapest rates around, and it was cheap for a reason.

The Room was decent, but the burn holes in the comforter was kind of gross, and the maids basically didnt exist, they managed to clean our room once. But that didn’t really matter because we were having tons of fun anyway. Pretty much friday night we just went to bed, woke up at like 11am on Saturday, and headed out on a cold filled day of fun. I think it was around 10 degrees the entire time we were there, and we did a whole lot of walking.

Saturday we spent a bunch of time in the big mall there, because it was freezing out. For some reason everything in montreal is 70% off, I don’t understand why, but pretty much everywhere was having the same sale. I bought a spiffy new jacket. Then later on we ate dinner at the hard Rock Cafe, then went back to the hotel to gear up for the night, and headed on over to a strip club called “Super Sex” it was a fun time, and they had this deal with if you got a bucket of beers (i think it was 6 beers) you got a coupon for a free lap dance.

Apparantly strippers don’t like coupons. John used it and I swear the stripper wanted to kill one of us, meanwhile, I was trying to get Aimee to stop laughing about the whole scene. It was an interesting time. Then we were going to go to this club that John and Janelle had gone to the last time they came up called “Dome” but the line outside looked extra sketchy. For one, there was a car parked next to the line with 2 people in it with a mugshot of a black guy up on their laptop screen, and they were looking through the crowd to see if he was there, then, a growing group of french speaking assholes kept eying us weird, and then to top it off, 3 or 4 black kids cut in front of us, and pretending not to care about it, so before a huge fight broke out, we left to find a better club. We ended up going to this odd looking industrial place. It had all kinds of fake pipes and exhaust fans all over the place, and had a pub type of deal on one side, and a dance club on the other. They also had a fog machine going too, so everything looked real hazy. Aside from me coughing incessantly the entire time there, it was actually a pretty fun place. Aimee and I tried dancing, and John and Janelle went off on their own for a bit, while Aimee and I got attacked by weird french people. I was going to die from all the smoke, so Aimee and I decided to head back to the hotel, and John and Janelle stayed for like another 2 hours. Then I coughed and snored my way through the night….being sick sucks. Sunday came around and John surpised Janelle with some money he saved up for her to get a new tattoo, and then Aimee decided to get one as well, so we went to the place Janelle got hers done at before, and they both got differant kinds of hearts.

Then we went to the peel pub and drank more, and ate a bunch of cheap wings. Aimee found a new drink she likes, so now she is up to Sex on the Beach, and Escastcy. We left there, hung around for a while, then ended up getting dinner at some Mexican place called “3 Amigos” where we all ate a bunch, and then drank a whole bunch more.

I just couldnt get drunk though.

Then we headed back to the hotel, bought some more acohol, and partied it up. I got a 40 of Wildcat 10%, which did nothing at all for me, and Aimee got drunk enough to call her father and tell him she got a tattoo. He threatened to kill her, then blamed part of it on me and wanted to talk to me. It was real fun….hahaha

Then monday came around, we ate at some pizza place….more pizza than you could ever imagine, and headed home.

John was real happy with the fact that Aimee and I fell asleep for most of the ride yet again… I don’t think he will ever drive again.

I was going to put tons of pictures in this, but instead its much easier to just leave the link to the whole photo album…..

So click here to see all the pictures

Just ring it up damnit!

For some reason, the pissier the mood I am in, the more I feel like writing, so looks like the posts are coming back…. woohoo.

So last night I started coming down with something. I got home at 11:00 and almost passed out immediately. I slept for 9 hours, which is unheard of for me. Anyway, basically I had a monster of a sore through, it felt like I got run over by a truck, and I could feel a cough coming on, so I decided in the morning, I would attack this thing full bore.

Between my crazy vitamins, a constant supply of orange juice, and some medication. I figure I can kill this thing in record time.

So I go into walgreens. I can barely talk, because my throat disagreed with the whole being useful idea, and I pick up some items:
1) a 10 pack of those little minature kleenex packs
2) Delsym Cough Syrup
3) Alka-Seltzer Nose & Throat & Cold medicine
4) Halls Plus Cough Drops
5) Ludens Sore Throat drops
6) Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Now first, as for the magazine, I am supposed to have a subscription for it, but I have yet to receive my first issue, so I bought it. In any event, I get to the register, and the weird dude working the register says:

Dude: And how are you doing today?
Me: I could be better (what I felt like saying was look at the pile of shit I just bought? chances are I am not in the mood to talk)
Dude: (looking at magazine) Imagine looking like one of these guys? (then does a mock flex with his arms)
Me: yeah, it must be weird
Dude: I don’t think I would want to look that big, maybe just a little toned
Me: yeah, I know what you mean

I just want to leave!!!!!!!!!

Whenever I get any weightlifting/fitness related magazines, either from walgreens or Barnes & Noble, they have to make comments about them. Why not just ring it up and let me leave? I’ll tell you what, the first time I come to the counter and say to the cashier, hey, how are you doing? how do you like working here? it must be fun. and carry on a conversation, then they can comment on what I buy.

yes I am cranky

Tow Truck Drivers

Yesterday the forces that be tried to ruin my insanely good mood this week, but they failed miserably.

Lately I have been trying to not get really pissed off or stressed out over stuff, and for the most part its been working.

In this case, I left work at around 5:30, and had plans of speeding home, going to the gym for a bit, then hanging out with Aimee later on. So, I hop into my car, and head towards the 93 tunnel. I reach the bridge off of sleeper street, and hear the horrid sound I have heard before of not just a flat tire, but a REAL flat tire that is about to fly off the rim. I ended up pulling over basically in front of the rose wharf hotel place. Now, there is where my typical awesome luck kicks into full gear.

1. I forgot my cell phone at home
2. I dont know anyones phone number off the top of my head except for my house number
3. I dont have AAA anymore
4. My nice full size spare tire was sitting in my garage laughing at me
5. I parked my car in between not 1, but 2 fire hydrants. What kind of parking ticket is that?

So trying to think of what to do, I try to find a payphone, finally find one, and call my house. Everyone in my house is useless for situations like this except for maybe my father, but of course he wasn’t home, so I told my mother to just call a tow truck for me. (that was in between the 50 questions she was asking me even though I was on a payphone).

So I hang up and head towards my car. Also, since when did it cost 50 cents to use a pay phone? assholes!

As I am walking back to my car, I think to myself, there is no way my mother actually called a tow truck, that would be too easy. So I find another payphone, call 411, and when they ask me who I need a number for, I say “A tow truck” they say, “do you know the name of the place?” and I tell them no, i just need a tow truck. They actually managed to give me a number, I call them, and this guy tells me he will show up in like 20 minutes or so. So I wait in my car….

As I am sitting there, this dude that was putting trash on the curb knocks on my window and says this “hey, you have a pretty bad flat!”.

Keep in mind I have my flashers on, and am parked illegally on the side of the road just sitting there. I wanted to say no way! I do! thanks! I thought the insanely loud sound of my tire coming off was just the radio!

Eventually my father pulls up. I guess “call a tow truck” to my mother translates into “call dad” He came from his work, not from my house, so there was no spare tire, or anything useful with him. He asks me why I dont have a spare tire, and if I have a can of “fix-a-flat” or if I wanted him to go buy a can and come back.

I say, Dad, get out of the car and come here. I bring him over to the flat tire, which is half off the rim and say, if you think a can of fix-a-flat is going to fix that, then go for it, but I have a feeling it isnt going to work. So he hangs around for a bit, then takes off, then comes back again and gives me his cell phone so I can use it if I need to. Of course I don’t know anyones numbers, so it doesn’t matter.

Then the tow truck comes. The guy asks me what is wrong, and I say, I have a real bad flat on my back right tire. He gets out and looks and says:

Guy: Do you have a spare?
Me: no, its at my house
Guy: are you sure?
Me: yes
Guy: You definately don’t have one in the car?
Me: no, its definately at my house
Guy: Did you check in the trunk?
Me: I definately do not have a spare in the car

He eventually comes to terms with that, and then tries selling me a used spare tire for $75. I eventually convince me to tow my car, like I originally asked. Then this conversation happens:

Guy: do you have front wheel, or rear wheel drive?
Me: rear wheel
Guy: Are you sure?
(its not like I hesitated, or implied I didn’t know. I know what my car has)
Me: yes, its definately rear wheel
(He then looks under the car for evidence)
Guy: Okay, your definately sure?
Me: yes

he then gets in my car, turns it around in the middle of a3 lane one way road (facing the wrong way) and lines it up with the tow truck. He hooks everything up, talking the whole time to me about people screw him over and claims he caused damaged and blah blah blah.

So then I get in the tow truck, and things get real “fun”. I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I think by nature, Tow Truck drivers are weirdos. They are lonely, and they love to talk, and they are always crazy. This guy was no differant.

Guy: Yeah, everyone is an asshole these days. Everyone is trying to screw you
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean
Guy: like the other day, this lady calls me, she cant start her car. I get there, and it turns out she was parked too close to the curb and couldnt unlock the steering wheel so it would start, so I just jiggled it loose and it started up fine. But I still had to come out, so I told her it came to $40. She flipped out and said I didn’t actually do anything, and that she wasn’t going to pay. I had her keys, so she called the police
Me: that sucks, you still had to come out to make the service call, so you should have gotten paid
Guy: yeah, tell me about it, so this black cop comes over, and this girl is a tall hot blonde, and you know how black guys are with blondes…right? right?
Me: uhhh yeah (I had no idea)
Guy: yeah, those fucking niggers!…..But, I am not racist or anything…I just think whats fair is fair
Me: yeah, I know what you mean..

actually I don’t. I am pretty sure that what you just said makes you the definition of racist. Hey thats your deal and I dont care, but live up to what your saying. Anyway, I just want to get home.

Then he realizes that his conversation sucks, and says to me, “what type of music do you like?” Now, I had already seen that the stereo was on kiss 108, so I figured that was a losing argument, so I just say anything is fine. Then he says “Do you like hard rock?” and I am thinking he is talking about like old people hard rock, like some crap stuff, but say, “sure, anything is fine with me” so he pushes the CD button, and metallica comes on, then he turns the volume up to almost where the speakers start getting distorted, and starts having a blast. He was loving it, kinda rocking out to the music, and would occasionally yell out a lyric or two, especially at the end of a song. Thank god there was no traffic, so the ride wasn’t too long, however, I did think it would be funny if I started rocking out too and started bashing stuff in his truck like it was a drumset. But instead I sat there.
We get back to saugus, I make him pull over at an ATM, and We get to my house. I Then give him $175, bastards! I know it would cost somewhere around there though.

He then said he would take my lug nuts off for me with his shitty battery operated impact gun, and I told him I had my own in the garage. he then started making fun of the tools I have.
He has a BATTERY OPERATED impact gun.

screw him.

I put my spare tire on in minutes, and managed to be done by 7:50. What luck is that?

And I didn’t get angry at all. good old “Triple C”.

Random Quote

Fear the fate that’s not the shape of the soul
Trust the heart and share to ease the pain
No mistake is big enough to bring you down
The wrinkles on your face is strength in your mind

                              – Sepultura (Against)