The battle of who could care less

I havn’t listened to Ben Fold’s Five since maybe sophomore year of high school, but when I was thinking of a title for this post, it just popped into my head.

It looks like I am in one of my moods today (it must be the PMS) and I am just getting increasingly frustrated with how it always seems to me like its me versus the world.

Its a one on one death match, Ultimate Fighting style, but there is no tapping out.

I really started thinking about this after my award winning christmas day at my aunts house.
Most people already know the story, but my point is this. If you know your right about something, why are you supposed to back down and admit defeat? Christmas day just brought me back to the months before the election where every day was a new battle to justify why I had the viewpoint I did.

Mine wasnt the same as my old best friends, because I didn’t admit defeat, I gout ousted.
Mine wasnt the same as my familys, so I was called Ignorant. So I spent every day up until after the election surrounding myself with everything I could about Bush and Kerry, yet, for every thing I found, there was a blind eye and a deaf ear to see or hear what I had to say. But I was the ignorant one.

I could have just dropped it and left it as it was, but I didn’t like the fact that my family viewed me as being Ignorant because I didn’t agree with them. I didn’t like the fact I lost a friend because of a stupid election. His reasons wern’t even based on reality.

I know what it comes down it is that I am just very opinionated, but I like to think that the opinons I have that I feel are worth fighting for have solid reasons behind them.

So why am I supposed to back down? When am I supposed to just drop things? and I am not just talked about talking to my shithead uncle.

the topics are endless:

1) Macs suck
2) rear-wheel drive vs. front-wheel drive
3) american car reliability vs. foreign (asian) car reliability
4) ipods versus the 5,000,000 other mp3 players
5) whether worn down Bridgestone Blizzak Ws-50’s suck in the rain, or if I was driving “drunk”
6) 6,000,000 other things

I guess I am just venting today. but there, now it is official

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