The Boston Pops

So as a fun idea for something to do for christmas, I decided to go to see the Boston Pops christmas concert at symphony hall with Ashley.

Now, I live a simple life, when I go to a concert, its in a small club, it costs like $18 to get in, the bands play obnoxiously loud fast music, and everything in the audience is gross and sweaty and half the time hitting each other. I obviously wasn’t expecting this show at symphony hall to be like that, but I figured if I wore pants and a dress shirt, I would be good to go, but after talking to my mother and sister, both agreed that “semi-formal” means a suit. I wear suits for 2 things. Weddings, and funerals, so I decided this couln’t be true, so I turned to Which found this handy “how to dress” site. Confirming my fears, my mother and sister were right. A suite was to be worn…

Luckily I bought a brand new suit a couple months ago for the last funeral I went to, so, while swearing and bitching about having to wear a suit and probably looking overdressed, I dressed up all spiffy and got ready to go.

But I had a backup plan…

I had it all figured out. If I walk into symphony hall, and everyone isnt dressed in suits, the jacket and tie are being disposed of immediately.

Anyway, we head into boston. Of course, as luck would have it, sturrow drive was backed up a bit from an accident. The stupid people decided instead of pulling over, the middle of the on ramp was an excellant location to exchange papers. Because of their poor decision, I had to spend 2 hours washing blood off of the grill of my car. I get to symphony hall at 7:45 for the 8:00 show we had tickets to. But I forgot about one problem…………parking

All the parking lots were full, and there wasnt a prayer of finding a spot on the street, so I ventured onto huntington ave, and found a garage near northeastern and parked on the roof. We bolted over to symphony hall, and made it in with literally about 2 minutes to spare before they closed the doors, then we could breathe a sigh of relief, because we didn’t look out of place at all, but I was ready to run if it came down to it.

As far as the concert goes…it wasn’t at all what I expected. for starters, I figured it would be rowed seating, or stadium seating or something like that, but instead you got seated at a table, and each table fit four people. I only had 2 tickets, so that meant that we sat with some random people, which in our case was some “adult” couple. The cool thing is that you could order food and drinks. You just marked off on an order card what you wanted, and every once in a while a waitress would take it and bring you food. The people sitting at our table ordered some wine, and I am convinced they were pretty buzzed by the end of the show. So it was a pretty laid back atmosphere, despite what I expected, given my attire.

I have seen the Boston Pops play on the 4th of july at least once, but this was completely differant than what I remembered. They played a good amount of christmas songs/carols, along with a spoken word version of “A Christmas Carol” I would list the rest of the songs, but “someone” still has my program. One thing I was also really suprised about was that the Boston Pops had a drummer, along with a couple precussionists, and my personal favorite..a timpani player. It made me want at least 1 timpani for my drumset all that much more. Too bad they cost so much goddamn money. Also, as an added benefit, all the songs were sung by the Tanglewood Chorus. (there was more to their name, but that is all I remember) The chorus consisted of maybe 50-70 people, and between that and all the instruments in the boston pops, it was an interesting thing to watch.

The one thing that was left on my mind when we left necessary is the conductor? everyone on the stage is reading the same songs sheet music, whats the point of the guy?

In any event, overall it was a real good time, and I got to “play grown-up” for a night.

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