rear vs front wheel drive

I hear this debate come up quite often, and figured I would get some articles to back up the stance I have always had.

Rear Wheel Drive is my favorite, hands down. I don’t like the concept of front wheel drive at all. I dont like how the engine has to be installed sideways, and how they then have to cram the transmission plus some other mechanical parts all into the engine bay, where there already isn’t any room. Front Wheel Drive only came into existance because of the gas crisis in the lat 70’s/early 80’s, and all it has managed to accomplish is add to the growing list of reasons why people can’t work on their own cars anymore, and give the fact that ALL cars (foreign or american) are basically made to eventually break, not having to spent a shitload of money going to the dealership or some crack head mechanic to remove your engine to change the oil is a big plus.

To date so far, I have had (not counting my truck) 2 front wheel drive cars, and 4 rear wheel drive cars, and I have experienced more problems with the front wheel drive cars, both mechanical problems, and driving condition problems. My worst accident was in my front wheel drive monte carlo, in the snow, and that car had close to brand new tires. My 2nd worse accident was in my current car (rear-wheel lincoln ls) and it was in the rain, and was completely because of the snow tires I still had on the car (i’ll fight you on that one John. I have about 15 poland springs bottles) In the snow, I have always found that both types kinda suck, but I would much rather not have my steering wheels being the ones that are spinning, which is the case in front wheel drive, and, as both of the articles point out (I can find plenty more) Rear-Wheel drive cars, when they do lose traction, tend to over-steer (fishtail) which generally is recoverable, whereas in a front wheel drive car, when the tires lose traction, you understeer, and your screwed.

Vive le 80’s!

here are the articles:
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