Friday Night

This friday night, a new sport was invented. Its called Poland Springs Boxing.

Like the water, its coming to ya straight from Maine. All you need is 4 empty Poland Springs containers (the huge kind you use on bubblers), You put one in each hand, and fight.

John and I have all cut up nuckles, but it was a damn good time. I think if we taped up our hands like a real boxer would, we would be all set, but that involves too much planning.

Also, while reviewing some of the “archives” of Mini-DV tapes from the good old days of yore, we stumbled across this quote. Its John talking about Puccia while we were cleaning up his blazer and “fixing” the exhaust after offroading in the dump.

Puccia, he fucking needed it…

kids a fucking faggot..

I’m tired of his bullshit…

I wanna be in the Air Force!

I wanna go to the academy!

I wanna be an officer!…oooh!…ooh!…ooh!

I can’t handle enlistment!

I’m a fucking pansy!

get off of me!

and then…while talking last night, John said:

“Chris…who can’t drink without a written contract, is going to fly us to maine”

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