I had thanksgiving today at my sisters boyfriends house. We used to have it at my parents house, but my sister decided to take over for some reason. She did a pretty good job, and the food was good, but one thing always sucks about the holidays. And thats the talking. I always get drilled with questions from everyone. Hows the job? you saving money? have a girlfriend? have a girlfriend have a girlfriend? have a girlfriend?

Its real annoying, so this year I decided I would try a new tactic. Be sociable with my crazy family and never give them a chance to ask those great standard questions.It started off bad because I had to bring this sweet potato thing my other sister made for her, because at the time she decided she wasn’t going to come because she was mad at my parents. This sweet potato thing was burning hot, and I put the pan on my passenger seat and propped it up with gloves so it wouldnt leak. Apparantly I didn’t do a good job, because as soon as I left my street, the juice the sweet potatos were in come out like a water fall all over my seat. So I pull up nice and pissed off, and decided to blame it on my parents for leaving without it, or even saying they were leaving. But after I cleaned it up I calmed down and went back to the main plan. The one saving grace was that a friend of my sisters boyfriend is this guy name Charles. He is a funny guy, and I just talked to him in the backyard as my sisters boyfriend deep fried a turkey in the deep fryer he got. I almost managed to dodge every bad conversation completely, except for when my sisters boyfriend threw out the “hows work>” questions.

My favorite quote of the day was when I was talking to Charles and said to me:

Charles: “so how have you been?”
Me: “eh….I don’t really have anything to say either way”
Charles: “haha, yeah, i know what you mean, pretty much the same for me. Basically, I didn’t get shot in the head yesterday, so thats good”

The odd thing is that I met Charles a couple holidays ago, unbeknownst to me, he is known as “Chaz” to the outside world, and has this funny ass blog. Oddly enough, he is friends with this kid I know from work, who happened to also be friends with a girl I know, that told me about the job opening that I applied for, and got.

talk about full circle. Unfortunately its not the same full circle that rambo talks about in rambo III. That would be much better, because I would have just finished stick fighting this crazy guy and winning shitloads of money.

By the way, why did I mention the sweet pototos earlier? it wasn’t to relevant was it? it was foreshadowing for the end of my story! hah! got you all.

So we go to eat, and apparantly these sweet pototos where some “recipe” my sister heard about. The odd thing is that she doesn’t cook, at least as far as I know.

So we go to eat, and my other sister, and her boyfriend (the ones hosting the dinner) were laughing about how they were going to end up getting drunk off of the food, and they told me to taste what bethaney made. The sweet potatos were like marinated/drenched/injected with the 100 proof kind of Southern Comfort, and had melted marshmellows on top. They actually tasted kind of good, but how weird is that? whats even worse, was that it then click in my head that i now have southern comfort/sweet potato juice all over my seat, which I felt cops would especially love.

But luckily it cleaned up good, and all is well and back to normal, and I have yet again wrote a really long blog entry, so screw you all for reading it.

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