Sunday and the Lowell Triangle

Because I am a nutcase, I decided I needed a little practice before the bowling league game Monday night. People that want to play 10-pin style seem to be hard to find, unless they are in Colorado, in any event, after much persuation, Ashley agreed to come with me, but due to the fact that Townline sucks, and we didn’t want to drive into Boston, I saught out another 10-pin alley. Those places are hard to find around here! I found about 20 candlepin alleys in the yellow pages, and 1 10-pin alley besides Town Line, and it was over in North Reading on rt 28, So off we went. I have been on rt 28 about 325,634,607 times in my life so I just got the address and figured it would be easy to find, but no. I went up and down that friggin road about 4 times before I realized what I did wrong and went down rt 28 to where the bowling alley actually was. We walk into this place
and it is DEAD, and by dead I don’t mean it wasn’t busy, I mean we were the only people bowling. There was a good 25-30 empty lanes, and then us. The jackass lady running the place gives us the lane right behind her counter, then proceeded to comment on my bowling skills whenever she deemed it necessary, but after I hurled my bowling ball like a discus at her head, she shut up.

End result: i got a crappy 95, and Ashley got like a 60 I think. It was her first time bowling 10-pin, and pretty much didn’t like it at all, yet she still did better than my first game with the bowling league, when I got a lowsy 46. What the hell?

Then I decide to be nice to my parents and drive my brother back up to his dorm at Umass Lowell. Ashley for some reason stayed with me, and we headed on up there. I got there with no problems, but just like the last time I drove my brother to school, I entered a parallel universe or something on the way home.
I could have sworn to get to Umass, I went I-93 to 495 north, so on the way home, I went 495 south. And that apparantly wasn’t right. After turning around going back, and then ending back at the same place again, I gave up and took rt. 2 home.

I know right now John and banging his fist against the monitor, but too bad fucker! your reading this blog entry and I am not there in the flesh! hah!

So apparantly if Ashley is in or near my car, I lose all ability to follow directions. She must practice witchcraft or something, because between the bowling alley trip, the umass lowell trip, and my driving to On the Border on friday, I am 0 for 3.

what the hell? how did I drive home from Lowell wrong? how?!?!?!??!

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