The Driving Record

1. Date License was issued: 9/18/1997
2. 7/2/1998 Speeding (Melrose)
Very first time being pulled over. Unlike the rest of the world, I didn’t get a warning.
3. 1/5/2000 Illegal operation – (Wakefield)
Honking a horn (repeatedly) in front of someones house
4. 1/5/2000 No front license plate (Wakefield)
Its funny how you only get a ticket for this if the license plate you do have is red. I guess the
green ones shine through to the other side, so that a cop in front of you can still
see it.
5. 1/5/2000 No inspection sticker (Wakefield)
6. 3/13/2000 Speeding (Bellingham)
going down 495 in light traffic on the way back from Tealuxe. I wasnt driving to endanger, nor was weaving through traffic. I was in the left lane going a comfortable 70 or so.
7. 5/3/2000 Speeding (Salem)
8. 9/15/2000 No Seat Belt (Danvers)
this isn’t a surchargeable event, but it was still a ticket
9. 3/4/2001 Speeding (Reading)
I saw the speed trap, looked at my speedometer (in my blazer) the needle was on 35 implying I was going 35mph. The speed trap cop radioed ahead to another cop, who did an illegal uturn in the middle of the road in traffic (light) to pull me over even though I was going the speed limit. He then proceeded to yell at me (I had not said a word) saying “come on! tell me you where only going 35!” over and over again, actually egging me on.
10. 5/12/2001 Speeding, Expired inspection sticker (Melrose)
11. 5/16/2001 Surchargeable accident
the funny thing is, here it is 8 months later, and my hearing date has still not come up. I was driving in rush hour traffic on a rainy day on route 1. all the cars in front of me slammed on their brakes, I did the same, and slid into the bumper of the car in front of me. I bent the license plate on his car, and dented the hood on mine. Since the hood costed more that $500, it was considered a “Major Accident” leading to my insurance going up 3 points. Its funny how $500 is the limit on what is considered a minor or major accident, and my deductible is also $500. what a great state.
12. 5/30/2001 Suspension for 7 surchargeable events
13. 8/20/2001 Hearing for 5/12 ticket.
I won the speeding ticket part, so only had to pay the inspection sticker part.
14. 8/28/2001 Suspension ended, license reinstated
15. 9/18/2001 Suspension for 8 surchargeable events
this was due to the 8/20/2001 ruling.
16. 10/22/2001 Hearing for appealing last suspension
They felt bad for me since my license had just been suspended, and theticket that caused the new one was from before the first suspension.
17. 10/22/2001 Suspension ended, license reinstated

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