Focus on bostoon

I am not sure how many people I mentioned it to, but on friday Focus on Boston called me, which for those of you that don’t know, they are a company that rounds up people that meet a certain criteria to do case studies and marketing suveys and things of that nature. If you make the cut, and get accepted for whichever study they are doing, you get money and maybe some free stuff.

So..on Monday I found out I made the cut or the one that were doing on tuesday, which by the way, i basically had no idea what it was about. All I know is that it had something to do with young adults, money, and credits cards. More importantly, the guy on the phone said I would get $75 for 2 hours of my time.

I show up at the place, conveinantly located near my work, and let me tell you, I have never been in a room filled with as man inept morons as at this place. It was a bunch of like 19-24 year old kids. 1 girl, and 4 guys (including myself). I strategically placed myself next to the girl, who was moderatly attractive, and the study began. First we had to introduce ourselves, I was the lucky person to go first, but the real clincher came when the semi-hot girl next to me had to introduce herself.

Her introductionw as basically as follows:
“Hi, my name is _______ I am 19, engaged, and have 2 kids. 1 is 3, the other is 6 months old”

Red lights started flashing everywhere. The Triple C train slammed on the breaks and reversed direction. So then they talk to the other mooks, one of which (a fat kid of course) referred to himself as “a renegade”. Who says that? he sure didn’t look like Lorenzo Lamas to me. Also, all his answers to everything the guy running the show asked was some fuck the system like response.

So get this. one like 1 or 2 people in the room had a savings account. Everyone pays their bills by cash or money order, noone has a checking acount, and the best part was, no one even knew what a debit card was. I had to explain it to the group. 1 of the kids had a sears credit card that he used once to buy his mechanics tools, and never used it again.

who are these people? how can you be that financially inept? they didn’t even know how you would go about researching which credit cards to get. morons!

Then I realize that the name “capital one” came up a bunch. The whole thing was a study for capital one. I hate them, they suck. So they showed us a bunch of sample envelopes capital one was thinking of using, and we where supposed to rate them on which ones we would be most likely to open. They were all stupid, you could tell they were all marketed towards certain people. Some for black teenagers, some for the MTV types…etc

I used the following phrases throughout the 2 hours:

Credit cards are evil
Credit companies are like drug dealers (then explained why)
they purposely try to suck you into their trap

basically everyone in the room hated credit cards, and the renegade kid would say these weird ass things. I think he was going to open fire in a school or something later on.

Now for the seinfeld part. Remeber the episode were everything kept evening out for Jerry? like if he lost $20, he would randomly find $20 later on?

I was told i would get $75 for the 2 hours. When I left, they gave me a check for $150, and I ran like a motherfucker out of that place. My 2 unpaid parking tickets came to $126, and the registration renewal was $41.

Hows that for luck? its very un-mike-like

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