The RMV sucks

I went to the RMV today to clear up my registration renewal, and after waiting for 5 or 10 minutes staring at all the special plates you can buy, I could only help but wonder why someone would pay $75 for a stupid license plate, or better yet, why I need to pay $20 to renew my registration. My car is still here. I didn’t move, nothing changed. Why do I need to pay again?

Anyway, the semi-bitchy lady at the counter tells me I cannot renew my registration because I have 2 unpaid parking tickets from the city of boston, and prints out the ticket numbers for me. So I get to work, look it up online (and give the “pay ticket online” form a middle finger) and call the customer service line, and talk to one of those human types.

The lady tells me I owe $126 from 2 parking tickets. One was apparantly from 2003. and if I pay it over the automated phone system, the RMV should know about it by 11:00. So…I reluctantly did that and now I get to go back to the RMV tomorrow morning (assuming I don’t get pulled over again) and pay the $20 those bastards want.

So thats the update…..

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