lazy ass police

NWA, Rage Against the Machine, and Sepultura all had songs about them, and with good reason. The police just suck. They did nothing when I was mugged, even after I ID’d one of the bastards. Even after they were caught on video in Filenes. The police did nothing when Ashleys car was stolen. Even after her MOTHER found her stolen car, and even after the police let the 4 “suspects”, found with her posessions and ID’d on the video cameras at the location where her car was stolen from go. Still nothing happened. Essentially, the police are completely useless.

Unless it involves one thing….and that one thing is fucking with me.

Anyone that knows me knows of the massive amount of times I was pulled over. Not to say I am an innocent victim, but more to say: Are the punishments really worth the crime? if having dark windows really worth a license supsension? or a $200 ticket? Why should I pay higher insurance rates because my red license plate wasnt mounted on the front of my car, but the guy with the green license plate doesn’t need one on the front of his car?

Why am I complaining about this now (well, I have always complained about it). Because tonight, after 3 years of “good behavior” I once again got pulled over.

After a fun filled night of bowling with the bowling league, where mind you, I was on track to almost triple my previous best game (which is sad, because my score tonight was like 110). I drove two of my co-workers home. One was going to Somerville, and the other was going to Everett..both on the way to Saugus. So I am driving down Mass Ave, and I approach a light that had just turned yellow. I figured I could make it, and passed through the light just as it turned red, which is technically okay. But… the real problem was that for some stupid reason, literally 20 feet down the street was another set of lights, well actually, this was just one set of lights off on the corner of the road basically out of view. That one was already red…well before I passed through it. In fact, I didn’t even notice the light. So, to my suprise, I see the pleasant view of flashing lights in my rear view mirror, which is when you get that fun feeling in your stomache when you know the inevitable is about to happen. So I pull over, Sneak on my seatbelt, and wait for Mr. Happy Cop to come over and strike up a nice conversation.

The conversation goes as follows:
Cop: License and registration
(i give it to him)
Cop: do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: No, I am not exactly sure
Cop: you ran through one of those red lights back there
Me: are you sure? I could have sworn it was yellow when I passed through it
Cop: well…your supposed to stop if the light is yellow too
Me: but I was already pretty close to the light, I didnt want to have to stop short
Cop: I have nothing better to do, even though cars are being stolen as I speak, and a guy is being stabbed down the street. I would much rather waste my time giving you a ticket.

so he walks away, and him and his partner “keeping up the rear” ready to shoot out the window hopped into their cruser, and gave each other hand jobs for about 15 minutes before they came back out. This time the other cop comes over to me, and says:

Cop: do you know your license plate is expired?
Me: it shouldn’t be, I renewed it online a couple weeks ago (which I did)
Cop: well, the computer says its expired, maybe you had some outstanding parking tickets
Me: No, I had one of those, and I paid it a week or so before I renewed the license
Cop: well, I suck, but I am going to “really be nice” and “do you a favor”. You have two options, you can back your car up into that spot next to the parking meter, and leave your car here until you get it fixed, or I can tow your car.
Me: But I dont understand why I should have to do this. I renewed the license.
Cop: well you will have to settle that at the RMV, and then the ticket can get erased.

So I back the car up into the spot, get out, kinda slam my which point the cop says “Do you want to get anything else out of your car?” and I say “no, hopefully it just gets stolen” and I walk away while he says “okay”

So the 3 of us walk into the 7-11 close by, wait a couple minutes, come out, and I get back in my car and drive away.

Fuck them.

Oddly enough, I am not nearly as angry as I normally am about this kind of stuff. I guess that is the price you pay when your Triple C

As as side note, when I got home, I checked my bank account, and there was never a transaction by the RMV, so I will have to settle this tomorrow morning with those evil trolls that work at the Melrose RMV

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