When did communication become such a lost art? It seems as though these days interacting with people either involves walking on eggshells, playing games, being as unspecific as possible (so you don’t have to make a permanant decision), or its just outright lying.

There is no reason whatsoever why I should be sitting here, over a month after meeting Ashley and have absolutely no idea at all what her feelings are, or what her “plan” is. All I know is that it involves the phrase “I don’t know”. There is no reason for life to be this complicated. And there is no reason for any form of games. I shouldn’t have to play hard to get, and either should she. We talk constantly, and I constantly try to make plans, and it constant doesn’t happen, all for what appears to be legitimate reasons, but what the hell? Why do I not even know if she likes me?

And to you, “Katie” what the hell is the deal with giving me your number? why even say anything? better yet, why not tell me to fuck off? It was your idea in the first place.

For any girl that happens to read this.
if you are:
a) not insane
b) capable of having a sense of humor
c) not interested in dragging someone along until he takes one of these routes

Then email me (link taken out since I already found that girl)

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