Something is wrong with this country

So the Red Sox won the world series. whoopty doo!

I can understand feeling a little pride and excitement since it is our hometown team, but
the thing is, its a sport, a sport none of us play, none of us have an investment in, and
technically, a sport this is ripping us off.

I’ve played baseball all throughout my childhood, and I have my reasons for not getting
excited about it anymore, mostly because I sucked at it, and to top it off, Major League
Baseball is essentially a bunch of cry babies getting paid millions to cry when it rains.
They don’t cancel football when it rains…or when it snows. And they are a lot more badass.

The main point I am trying to “hit out of the ball park” is that the baseball is nothing
but a form of entertainment. the Red Sox is the equivelant of a popular cult movie.

When was the last time the world stopped when a movie made billions in the box office? or
when an actor won an emmy?

Now here is the problem:

On 9/11…you know, that day that 4 planes were hijacked, the pentagon was crashed into,
the world trade center was demolished, 343 fire fighters died, 3,000 some odd (or more?)
people died, and 100+ cops died. It was the biggest event in modern history on american
soil, at least in my opinion. On that day my work got about 8.8 million page views. and we
would have far surpassed that on 9/12 had we not hit the (at that point in time) bandwidth
limit on the site when we got 9.5 million page views. This was a major major event in US,
or better yet world history. It looked like the world was going to end, and more and more
news was pouring in as the days went on.

Now, the day AFTER the Red Sox won the world series, basically AFTER everyone in the free
world already knew the Red Sox had won, my work got over 20 million page views. 20 million
for old news, 20 million to look at a bunch of photo galleries of what everyone had
already seen live (and on the news, and everywhere else) the night before.

And that is what is wrong with the world today.

Aerosmith had it right all along

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