Why is it that people feel the need to clap and cheer when watching movies or sporting events?

Clapping and cheering is a form of applauding. And applauding something is “To commend highly; praise”

So why clap when watching the game? why cheer? why start chants? and why give a STANDING OVATION at the end of a movie?

guess what? Ben Affleck isn’t in the theater. Either is Stephen Spielberg. None of them will ever know you liked the movie. In fact, they don’t even care. All they know is that you just paid $9.50 to watch the movie. You can hate it for all they care.

And when I go into a restaurant for a meal, why are bells ringing and people yelling and cheering every time someone moves during “the game”. Guess what? you all are losers and don’t have tickets to the game, so you’re pretending to be there at a crappy Fridays in peabody?

When I become president, I am going to model a law after how stealing works in Turkey. If you clap or cheer, or give standing ovations when you there is absolutely no reason to, your hand gets chopped off, then you can “one hand clap” until you pass out. Which hopefully you will.

I for one, and going to give a silent applaud to all quadra and parapalegics. They are the only ones that have it down.

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