converting vmware windows virtual machines to citrix xenserver virtual machines

after hunting around for quite some time, along with a lot of trial an error, this process ended up working good for me.

1. download (MergeIDE unzip it and run it on the vmware instance you want to move.

2. uninstall the vmware tools.

3. save all your network settings. run:

ipconfig /all > network.txt
netstat -rn >> netstat.txt

4. on the XenServer, create a new windows VM with the same CPU/Memory/Disk Size specs as your vmware VM

5. get rid of any snapshots you had made for the vmware instance.

6. depending on what form of vmware you are running (workstation/server/esxi/esx) you might have to convert the disk image using something like vmware-vdiskmanager (which comes with all the vmware products):

vmware-vdiskmanager -r vmware_image.vmdk -t 0 temporary_image.vmdk

if you arnt sure if you need to convert the disk, it doesnt hurt to convert it anyway. You just might waste time and disk space. If you are using esxi, you don’t need to convert the disk.

7. assuming you have access to the vmware .vdk disk image, run this from a linux box:

qemu-img convert ./name_of_source_vmdk_file.vmdk VM_Instance_Name.img

8. you need to access the new converted disk image from the XenServer, so put it on an NFS mount or something.

9. First figure out the UUID of the disk image you created when you created the new xen instance. Its much easier if you go into the XenCenter GUI and go to the instance you created, and rename the disk something useful.

Then you can ssh into the XenServer and type:

xe vdi-list  name-label=whatever_you_named_the_disk

copy down the UUID of the disk image.

Then run:

xe vdi-import uuid=uuid_of_disk filename=name_OF_SOURCE_DISK_IMAGE.img

after a while, you get dropped back to the prompt, and you can fire up the XenServer instance.

Beverly Hills

A leading Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon claims to be saving the planet by using fat removed from clients in liposuction operations to power his 4×4 car.

cosmetic surgeon powered his 4×4 on people fat

crazy snowmen

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I hate Bill Engvall

Do you think Bill Engvall realizes how annoying those “commercials” on TBS are? for the 3rd time this week, I was watching something on TBS (This time it was Family Guy) and right in the middle of the scene, you hear this ass start laughing, and all of a sudden bill engvall is “pausing” the show and telling you to watch his crap show. It is the most annoying commercial I have ever seen. It not only makes me never want to see his lame show (well…I never did want to see it) but also not watch TBS either.

some interesting car facts

I’ve been tracking my mileage and fill-ups on my car. Apparantly I…

  • drive 34,000 miles a year
  • will spend around $4100 on gas this year
  • am averaging 25.7 miles to the gallon in my grand am.

according to, my car is supposed to get 18mpg in the city, 27 on the highway…so I am not doing that bad. What is funny is that last year when I drove to north carolina. I somehow got 31.4mpg…that might have been a fluke or something

I would show you the pretty graphs that generates, but they are all flash based, and for some reason they don’t have any way of exporting the charts or data… jerks

the 8 cars I have owned

 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I bought this car before I even had a license. It also was the start of me being in debt. Every month it needed at least 1 $500 repair.

1989 Lincoln Mark VII

1989 Lincoln Mark VII

This car was the source of a good 100,000 miles of fun driving around aimlessly. It was a great car, and my favorite car that I have owned.

1984 Ford Crown Vic.

Crown Vic

I wish it came with the sirens. I didn’t have a picture of the actual one I had. Lets just say it looked a lot crappier, had 190,000 on it when I bought it. And cost a cool $400. It featured such luxuries as:

1. “Balony Skin” tires (thats what a cop yelling at me called them). They had absolutely no treads left on them, which made fish tailing around rotaries and skidding to long screetching noisy stops next to innocent pedestrians a blast.

2. Burnt oil smoke billowing out of the engine bay. It was concentrated just outside of the drivers side door, which made being pulled over a blast

This car lasted a solid month before the exhaust system literally fell of the car while I was driving it. Then the car sounded like a helicopter. So I “donated it” to the junk yard.

1996 Monte Carlo


The transmission was going, and was going to cost $2600 to fix. So I brought it to a little dealership, used a code scanner to clear all the check engine trouble codes the transmission kept throwing, and traded it in for this beast:

1987 Buick Regal

1987 Buick Regal

When I got this, it was actually primer grey. The guy that owned the dealership was really confused, and thought he was going to make a killing trading it for my monte carlo, but the joke was really on him. That monte carlo was still on his lot a year later. And this car had a 455 Big Block in it. It came with the Grand National body moldings, and I got it a fancy $300 MAACO paint job. Spared no expense. This car met an untimely demise while doing donuts in a parking lot one faitful night. I blew an engine bearing, and the engine was so big, it was impossible to take the oil pan off to even look at the problem without having to completely remove the engine. So I sold it to some guy for a couple hundred dollars.

Here are more fun pictures of the regal

1984 Chevy Blazer (K5)

1984 Buick Regal

I think I spent $3500 to buy this. It had a 4″ body lift and little 31″ tires on it. I drove it around for a couple months before I dismantled it and put $15,000 into it before I took it all apart again, and sold it for parts. I actually owned this truck during the time I owned the below 2 cars. It was just in pieces in my parents driveway the majority of the time

More pictures of the blazer project
2001 Lincoln LS

2001 Lincoln LS

This car was nice, I ended up trading it in for the next car because it was designed stupidly. Everything was aluminum, and everything on it cost a ton.

2005 Pontiac Grand Am

2005 Pontiac Grand Am

Mine is grey, and I hate it. It’s just dumb

Save us oh Lord, from the wrath of the Norsemen

How can you not like Amon Amarth?


hummer h2

michael vick update

For those that are interested, here is some videos about a few of the dogs rescued from michael vick:

Here is a quick update from DogTime and another one from the Best Friends Animal Society

economic stimulus

I was reading this post:

My Much More Awesome Economic Stimulus Plan

and thought this line was great:

I spoke to President Bush about this earlier and offered some alternatives to this plan, but he wasn’t able to respond because I was talking to a TV broadcast of him.

that is all